Advantage of Type-C and its Variants

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Nov 3, 2021
Currently, Type-C interface has increasingly shaped up the standard of USB, display, and charging port thank to its multiple functions and compact size, and now could be easily found in electronic devices such as smartphone, pad, laptop, and devices that require charging.

Introduction of Type-C


Unlike Type-A interface, Type-C has a reversible connector, which enables users to plug-in without hesitation and avoid damage owing to repeated and incorrect plugging. Aside from transferring data, Type-C could also support versatile protocols by “Alternate Modes” or “Thunderbolt” to output the signal of DisplayPort, HDMI etc., which is a key element aiding the development of modern and thin-and-light laptops. Nowadays, charging port has been standardized by Type-C interface which provides high wattage power supply to electronic devices and could even apply up to 100W PD charger in laptops. Users no longer need to carry different kinds of cable for their devices and laptops.

Category of Type-C in MSI Laptop


Type-C only represents the shape of the port or connector. Its interface is sometimes confusing since there’re diverse categories existing in the market. To better leverage the Type-C in laptops, it’s crucial to understand its functions, which could be divided into 3 modes.

-Data Transfer only
The interface focus solely on data transfer, with transfer rate easily found next to the port. For example, the “10” by the port represents 10Gbps.

-Alternate modes
The mode could be differentiated by the icon ”DP” by the port, which enables users to enjoy an extra display by DisplayPort or HDMI. It also supports data transfer, and the transfer rate could also be seen by the port. The Alternate mode is integrated in MSI GE/GS/GP/Stealth 15M/Summit/Modern/Creator.

The Thunderbolt port shows a “thunder” icon by the port. Thunderbolt 4 is compatible with USB4.0, and Thunderbolt 3/4 providing up to 40Gbps data transfer, and extra display output by DisplayPort or HDMI. In addition, Daisy Chain connection or adapting docking station could efficiently simplify the working area. Through Thunderbolt™ Networking, users could transfer data in up to 10Gbps high speed between two laptops which hugely enhances the transfer efficiency. The Thunderbolt interface is integrated in MSI GS/Creator/Summit/Prestige/Modern series to offer complete and convenient experience for users.
Sometimes, a ”plug” icon will also show by the Type-C port, which indicates the port supporting up to 100W PD charger. With this, users no longer need to carry bulky adaptors to work out of office or home. In MSI Summit and Prestige series, the Type-C with PD charging port even replaces the regular DC-in to reduce the variety of cables.


While Type-C port connecting to Docking Station, the function might be limited by which laptop Type-C port is used. For example, if the laptop Type-C port only supports “data transfer”, the docking station will only provide “data transfer” output even if it features HDMI or other options. But with Type-C Thunderbolt port, all the function on the docking station could be fully applied, including high wattage PD charging, perfectly replacing the adaptor.
Type-C interface is implemented in every MSI laptops. It is wise to understand which Type-C is used in your laptop to have optimal productivity and better user experience. For model support list of Type-C interface, please find the tables below.


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