Battery life extension bonus tips

MSI Eric

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Nov 3, 2021
MSI has recently released a video about how to extend your battery life.
Learn how to prolong your MSI laptop battery life with the tips including using the latest MSI Super Battery mode:

In that video, a lot of method of extending batter life has been mentioned.
Here’s some more tips you may find interesting.

S4 Hibernate sleep mode
Nowadays, some laptops are equipped with modern standby, where some of the components remain at its lowest power consumption mode.
In other words, it works just like when you turn your smartphone’s screen off, the CPU and other necessary component are still working, but consume way less power.
If you would like to preserve your working state without shutting down your laptop while also reserving as much battery life as possible, try the S4 hibernate sleep mode.

S4 sleep mode preserves your working state data to the hard disk, all other components are suspended, that’s why it saves the most power.
By default, the hibernate option is disabled and not shown in the power menu. You would have to manually enable it.

1. Right click on the battery icon and click Power Options

2. Click “Choose what the power buttons do”

3.Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable”

4.Tick “Hibernate” and “Save changes”

Now the hibernate option is shown in the power menu, and you can now keep your laptop in S4 mode while not in use.