MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2 bonus tips

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Nov 3, 2021
MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2 bonus tips

It is versatile, exquisite and productive. To face challenging business environments, you need a flexible and mobile work-style. The MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2 takes the most versatile, do-it-all laptops into the next level.

For those who have purchased MSI docking station or are interested in it, MSI has released a tutorial and know-how video.

PD charging

The MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2 supports up to 100W PD charging. Does that mean its power output is fixed to 100W? Will the other devices that have lower charging rate like smartphone or tablet be harmed if they connect to MSI docking station? No.

The PD charging IC communicates with the connected device and the device will tell the docking the voltage and current it needs. For example, a tablet may need 30W power, which is 15V and 2A, the docking power output will be automatically adjusted by the PD power IC chip and output exactly what the device requests.

That means, even when it is not connected to laptop, you can also use the docking station to charge every kind of devices.

A multimedia hub


MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2 has a lot of different ports build-in. Since most mobile devices like mobile consoles, smartphones, tablets use USB type-C as their main port, MSI docking station can be more than just a laptop hub. Other than being a USB-C charger, it can also become a USB Type-C to HDMI and external sound card and turn your external monitor and speaker in to a home theater.

Kensington lock


MSI docking station is a perfect device to be installed in a meeting room where everyone can simply plug in the cable and utilize the monitors, internet, USB devices connect to the hub at once. Worry about the MSI docking station getting stolen? MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2 has a Kensington lock slot. With any compatible lock, you can secure the MSI docking station by tying the other end of the steel cable on something that can’t be easily moved, such as the leg of a table.

Learn more

Check out the official product page via the link below to learn more features of MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2

MSI USB-C Docking Station Gen 2